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Floor Joists
& Roof Trusses

ModulMax Structures designs, builds and delivers MECHANICALLY ASSEMBLED floor joists and roof trusses, according to an exclusively developed methodology that exceeds the highest requirements of the National Building Code (NBC).

concrete slabs

With advantages that are both economical and methodological, Structures ModulMax offers an exclusive and innovative solution in Quebec with ramifications on the number of required workers and their qualifications!

building structures

Structures ModulMax conceives, designs, manufactures, delivers and installs light steel structures: light, strong, durable, stable, fireproof.

Analysis and technical drawings: very rigorous and precise engineering specifications.

Insulation &

Structures ModulMax, advocates the use of cellulose fibers for insulation and soundproofing needs.

They have the equipment required to do so and can even offer the service for projects that do not use light steel and in which they have not participated.

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Whether in the factory or at the jobsite, structures modulmax relies on qualified labor that is regularly monitored by company supervisors. These supervisors also oversee every phase of the installation process, based on the company’s exclusive methodology and expertise.

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