An obvious choice
in the construction
of commercial buildings!

A solution

Structures ModulMax prefabricates light steel walls, roof trusses and floors—an obvious choice in the construction of commercial buildings. The load-bearing capacity of steel joists allows for impressive heights. The structure won’t subside over the years under the weight of the storeys that it is supporting; moreover, it won’t warp, rot or twist.

With very basic tools, light steel structures can be installed by certified carpenters more easily and so quickly that they make it possible to save a significant amount of time, which results in substantial savings in dollars and cents.

An incombustible, galvanized and easy-to-handle material, light steel is even ecological, as it doesn’t require cutting down any trees. Opting for prefabricated steel structures will facilitate wiring and ductwork installation operations, while ensuring better soundproofing of your building.


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Light steel structures easily adapt to the boldest designs, curves and trends.

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