The new Way
to build!

light steel?

Because it’s the new way to quickly build walls, floors and roof trusses efficiently and economically, for the long term while also exceeding NOVOCLIMAT standards.

Incombustible, versatile, uniform in quality, galvanized, without deformation and aging – while also meeting all LEED requirements for insulation, soundproofing and forest conservation.

Perfectly suited for bold designs and all the newest trends in residential, industrial, commercial or any other types of buildings.

Real estate developers and building contractors are always looking for building techniques that make it easier, faster and cheaper to build, while also using basic and much less expensive tools.

They favor materials and mounting techniques that offer better resistance to aging, warping, temperature swings and degeneration.

Floor joists
& roof trusses

ModulMax Structures designs, builds and delivers MECHANICALLY ASSEMBLED floor joists and roof trusses, according to an exclusively developed methodology that exceeds the highest requirements of the National Building Code (NBC).

concrete slabs

With advantages that are both economical and methodological, Structures ModulMax offers an exclusive and innovative solution in Quebec with implications for the number of required workers and their qualifications!

building structures

Structures ModulMax conceives, designs, manufactures, delivers and installs light steel structures: light, strong, durable, stable, fireproof.

Analysis and technical blueprints: very rigorous and precise engineering specifications.

Insulation &

Structures ModulMax advocates the use of cellulose fibers for insulation and soundproofing needs.

They have the equipment required to do so and can offer the service for projects that do not use light steel and in which they have not participated.

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Our expertise
Our values

The expertise and know-how of the Structures ModulMax team is rooted in more than 30 years of research, experimentation and construction of light steel buildings. It is also recognized by all major industry players as well as by federal and provincial regulators responsible for competence and hiring standards.

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Regardless of the scope or complexity of the project, our team’s specialists deploy their thirty years of experience and knowledge to thoroughly support you in your endeavors.

Did you know?

  1. Our light steel studs are equivalent to 2” x 6” wood studs
  2. Our assemblies are built with screws (without any welding)
  3. Steel does not warp
  4. Steel does not sag
  5. Steel is light and very strong structurally
  6. There are never any thermal bridges
  7. With a more rigid floor comes less deflection
  8. The 24” spacing of floor joists facilitates plumbing and ventilation work
  9. Lighter structures significantly reduce foundation costs
  10. Assembly is achieved with far fewer workers
  11. Builder’s risk insurance cut by more than half
  12. Home insurance costs cut in half
  13. Post-installation service calls greatly reduced
  14. No cracks in the gypsum since the structure is inert
  15. A single contractor for the structure and the building envelope eliminates warranty gaps
  16. The most important elements (structure & sealing) are greatly improved
  17. Your investment (often the most important of your life) benefits from the best quality guarantee
  18. The structural engineer’s seal assures compliance of your investment

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